The planets are quiet this weekend, without any exact alignments to cause disruption. (Please note that if you are in a planetary cycle that affects your own individual chart that will supersede any of these daily posts.). The Taurus Sun is approaching a harmonious trine to Pluto which will culminate on Monday – Pluto of course represents the power of creation and the destruction which sometimes precedes it, and a harmonious link from the Sun casts a bright light of potent energies to facilitate any kind of major transition, or simply just to help us to feel more positive.

Meanwhile on Saturday there is an awkward  (150 degrees) from Mars to Saturn.  The quincunx creates tension from which there is no resolution, unlike the square which creates conflict and eventual resolution of an issue.  Mars seeks action and conclusion, but Saturn makes that impossible.  Saturday is not a good day to attempt a difficult conversation, and you may find your physical energy impacted by this dynamic for a day or two.

The Moon enters Cancer late Saturday EDT/early Sunday GMT and emotional sensitivity becomes more pronounced.  The Mars aspect will begin to wane on Sunday and there are no other major planetary forces at work so Sunday is a good day to turn within where the Moon lives, and reconnect with our feeling nature and the very nature of who we are. ❤️

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