Like all planets Saturn has two faces, both Beast and Prince.  As Beast, he brings out our doubts and insecurities and bestows hardships.  As Prince, the self-doubt and endurance required to manage the Beastly enterprises which result in successes and mastery.  Saturn is in Aquarius, one of its rulership signs where it is happiest and best able to create the forms and structures which are required in order to build societies (Aquarius) that are effective and well-balanced.  Saturn cares little for personal feelings; the ultimate goal is all that matters.

I tell you all of this because Saturn is stationary in the sky right now and will appear to turn retrograde on Sunday May 23rd.  Retrograde planets are at their closest point to Earth, and therefore rather than becoming weaker they affect us much more personally.  Saturn will be your personal guide for the next few months (until October 10, 2021) and that will be especially true if you have planets in your chart between 5 and 15 degrees of the fixed signs (Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus).  Now is the time to buckle down to reassess our goals and priorities – to decide what really matters and make that happen.

So back to the weekend forecast:  on Saturday we have a challenging square from Mercury in Gemini to Neptune in Pisces that culminates late in the evening EDT/early morning Sunday UTC.  With Mercury in Gemini, the mind can wander all over the place and take in lots of extraneous information without a lot of focus, and the square to Neptune adds a dreamy quality that will make any focus extremely difficult and maybe even impossible.  Saturday is a day to imagine and create, to reach into the heart and allow your dreams to emerge.  It would not be the best day to make a critical decision however!

Sunday’s energies are pretty intense.  We have that laser beam of Saturn turning retrograde.  We have the Sun conjunct Black Moon Lilith in Gemini, illuminating the Dark Goddess and bringing to light any outrage that may be lurking in the corners of the psyche.  Echoing the Dark Goddess theme is an opposition from the Libra Moon, seeking soft harmony and balance, to Eris, planet of discord and chaos.  Eris remember was so angry at not being invited to the wedding she started the Trojan War, so she’s not someone to be trivialized!  Then more dark energy emerges around 5:30 pm EDT/9:30 pm UTC when the Libra Moon squares Pluto, translating the ongoing challenging dynamic between Eris and Pluto (read more about that here), followed shortly thereafter with the Moon leaving Libra for intense Scorpio.

Wow!  So what do we make of all of this?  My advice is to begin the day on Sunday with meditation and a centering exercise of your choice.  This will help us to remain present during the day with an open heart and notice if any of these themes emerge.  We may become aware of a darkness within ourselves that is needing some space and light for healing.  We may simply be more conscious of the pain of the world.  Or we may simply find our own inner strength and empowerment emerging in a new light.  In any case, these are some powerful energies that we can use for greater awakening and wisdom. ❤️

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