This weekend Venus takes center stage, squaring Jupiter Saturday morning EDT/early afternoon GMT, and moving from Taurus into Gemini later on Saturday.  Venus is well known for her guise as goddess of love and beauty, but she also has deeper meanings.  She is associated with our values, including our self-esteem and how deeply we value our own selves, and therefore is important for increasing abundance which is directly tied to self-worth (both are associated with the astrological second house).

The square from Venus to Jupiter on Saturday can suggest too much of a good thing: Venus is still in Taurus where we love to indulge in delicious foods and other pleasures, and Jupiter always acts as a force to expand and grow.  The natural inclination under this influence is to become maybe a bit too comfortable and over-optimistic, but the energies will wane throughout the day and end when Venus enters Gemini 10 pm EDT on Saturday and moves out of the alignment (2 am Sunday morning GMT).

Venus moving from its own sign of Taurus into Gemini shifts the focus from comfort and security (Taurus) to experimentation and curiosity.  Communication and the sharing of information becomes more important in all of our interactions with others, and there is a greater hunger for experiences which teach us ultimately more about ourselves.  This may involve some short distance travel which is ruled by Gemini, and with Mercury already in Gemini, one of its rulership signs, the Gemini influence will continue to intensify, especially with the Sun entering Gemini in a couple of weeks.

Venus will be in Gemini until June 2, 2021.

The planets are quiet on Sunday, with only lunar alignments to shape the energies of the day.  The Moon is in Aries, as it has been for the past few days, helping to energize and fire up our intentions and goals for action.  The Aries Moon will square Pluto at 1:15 pm EDT/5:15 pm GMT which could create some intensity and conflict for a few hours, so watch for that.  Lunar aspects last only a few hours and a few deep breaths will take us right through that challenge into a harmonious aspect to Jupiter in the early evening EDT/late evening GMT, and then the Moon enters Taurus in a calming shift into greater balance and equanimity.

Have a great weekend!

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