In this week’s video I cover the meaning of the current state of all planets traveling in direct motion.  That is not very typical! It occurs less than 10% of the time.  We also have a Pisces stellium this week AND a Pisces New Moon which is a big change from the Aquarian energies of February.  Thanks for watching, and if you prefer the transcript is below.

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Hi everybody, my name is Lynn Hayes Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, we’ll be talking about all of the astrological energies for the week from March 8 to March 15 2021. There’s a fair amount to talk about, so let’s dive right in. The first thing I’d like to mention is that there are no planets in retrograde motion right now, it’s fairly unusual for there to be no planets in retrograde motion. You might remember last year we had a total of seven planets retrograde for months, every planet that could turn retrograde did turn retrograde it’s no surprise really astrologically that it was so difficult to get things moving. For most of 2020 we had a lot of planets in Capricorn there was a triple conjunction in that sign there were all these planets retrograde It was a very heavy time. This here is definitely different, the astrological influences are quite different. And until April 27, we will have no planets in retrograde motion.

When there are no planets in retrograde motion, it becomes easier to put things into motion ourselves, the retrograde energies tend to hold us back, tend to have us looking more at the past when there are retrograde planets, we tend to second guess ourselves. That’s part of the natural flow of life really just like the ocean, you know, the waves come in and the waves go out. And there’s this sort of ebb and flow and life – we go forwards and then when Mercury or some other planet turns retrograde, we turn back and we might have to redo something to perfect it before we can move on again. So ideally, it’s you know, three or four steps forward one step back. Sometimes like last year, it’s three steps backwards, one step forwards. At this moment with no planets retrograde, it should be easier to look forward and use our creative imagination to revision a brighter future. And that’s going to be very useful as we move forward into 2021 and start to leave the trauma of 2020 behind us.

I’d also like to mention that during the whole month of March, we don’t really have any major planetary alignments. We have alignments from Mercury and Venus to other planets. But we don’t have anything involving the slower moving planets really – not even Mars, maybe afew things having to do with Mars. But Jupiter, Saturn and the outer planets are not very active right now. So that’s another symbolic representation of this being a bit of a rest period, and also helps these more minor planetary alignments to stand out more. If we have a big transit of Saturn or Pluto we may not notice that Venus is sextile Neptune, which is a wonderfully creative, harmonious time, but now with no major planetary alignments all of those minor cycles will really have an opportunity to shine on March 13.

We have a New Moon in the sign of Pisces so you may remember that in February we had a big Aquarius stellium we had a New Moon and Aquarius, I think it was February 10 and there was this powerful explosion of Aquarian energies. Aquarian energies are bright, they’re very sparkly, they excite us to want change, and Pisces is very different. So now we’re shifting into the sign of Pisces. At the time of the New Moon we will have Venus and Neptune and of course the Sun and Moon all in the sign of Pisces, Venus and Neptune are very connected in a certain way. Neptune, of course is the modern ruler of Pisces. Jupiter is the traditional ruler we’ll put that aside for now. But Venus has to do with earthly love, romantic love, the love of one human being for another – our tastes of course, and our sensibilities have to do with Venus. Neptune is an outer planet. It’s a transformational force that inspires divine love divine compassion, it inspires the heart to open up but not in such a personal way. So with Venus and Neptune both in the sign of Pisces, which is a sign of dreaminess, artistry, creativity, intuition, imagination, there’s a huge opportunity for the heart to open, especially at the Pisces New Moon. There’s also an opportunity for a tremendous download of creative energy, inspirational energy. It’s a wonderful week – really the whole week is very Piscean. So it’s a very good week for imagination, anything creative, anything having to do with meditation or finding a way to have a more transcendent experience in your life is perfect for this week.

On March 15. Mercury is going to leave Aquarius For the sign of Pisces, we will then have four planets in Pisces, the Sun, Venus, Neptune and Mercury will all be in Pisces. The only planets left in Aquarius will be Jupiter and Saturn then of course, we have only Pluto is left in Capricorn as a holdover from last year, so four planets in Pisces the Pisces New Moon, this is really going to be a beautiful week of inspiration. Now whenever we have a strong Pisces influence, it’s not always a very good time to try to be practical, or to try to be organized or to try to do anything that really requires a clear mind because Pisces is all about blurring the boundaries. It’s all about transcendence. It’s all about relying on our intuition and our higher vibration in order to get things done not about the details of life if you can, if there’s anything that you have to do that’s very detailed, you might want to wait until the Moon goes into Aries later this week. And we’ll be talking about that in just a minute. So that takes care of the big influences, and now let’s talk about the week ahead.

In this section, please keep in mind that the dates and times I’m using are for the Eastern time zone and please adjust for your locality. Things are pretty quiet astrologically on Monday, the Moon is in Capricorn and make some mild alignments – sextiles – of the Sun to Neptune, which you really won’t even notice. So the Moon is in Capricorn where this is a good time to get things done. If you have to do anything, do it front loaded when the Moon is in Capricorn. Then later in the evening, Eastern time The Moon is going to conjoin Pluto at 7:52pm eastern time, when the Capricorn Moon lines up with Pluto there can be an intensification of our need to get things done. I don’t see this as really being very problematic. I don’t think it’ll create any real issues for you. But just know that there will be more of a focus on Monday and especially later in the day.

Tuesday, March 9 is another story entirely. First of all, there’s a strong square aspect between Venus and the nodes of the Moon, people often think of squares, which are 90 degree angle aspects as being bad aspects. And it’s true that they can create some conflict. And the purpose of that is because conflict requires a resolution, we can have all the harmonious transits in the world sextiles and trines. They’re very supportive. They’re very lovely. But we often don’t even really notice them. And they don’t effectuate change, the squares create conflict that really does require a resolution. Now whenever we have a planetary aspect to the nodes of the Moon, which have to do with the direction of our fate, we often don’t notice anything that day, sometimes there was an experience that happens. And then later, we might look back and say that was a very significant time this thing happened. I heard from that person. And it started this whole chain of events to make this other thing happen. But when there’s a square, which has a 90 degree aspect to the South Node of the past and the North Node of the future, often there’s a choice that’s required, there’s something that has to be done to help us to let go of the past and move towards the future. Many of us don’t really want to let go of the past, many people don’t want to let go of the past. And I would say all of us at one time or another don’t want to let go of the past. We like how things are, we don’t want to move into an unknown that might not be better. But we live in a world where we have to keep moving forward, we can’t look back. And I always think of that story in the Bible with Lot’s wife, you know, she was told Don’t look back, you’ll turn into a pillar of salt. And she did look back. And that’s what happened. I always think of that as an example of this idea that we have to keep looking forwards. I always think of that as an example of the fact that even though we want to live in the present moment, we want to cultivate presence, we want to have a rich experience of the here and now we cannot go back we are only moving forward into the future as we live in the present. So anytime there’s a square from the South Node to the North Node, there’s a question that needs to be asked, Is there something that I have to let go of and because we’re dealing with Venus, these things likely have something to do with our ideas about relationships, our attitudes about how we feel about ourselves, which is also tied to Venus, there could be a need for a decision about a relationship or even a financial decision, which is also Venus related. And there could just be a shift in our attitude, especially our attitude about relationships, and well, so this only lasts for a day or so and you may not even notice but it’s an event that’s happening whether we notice that or not. So I wanted to kind of plant that seed in your mind.

Tuesday, the Moon is very active on Tuesday it enters Aquarius at about 2:40am eastern time, then it starts interacting with lots of different planets. First, it sets off the square between Saturn and Uranus, that we talked about a couple of weeks ago, that exact alignment has passed, but the two are still in range. And the Moon does what we call translates the square. So the Moon squares Uranus at 5:06pm, and then it conjoined Saturn at 7:44pm. So it’s connecting the two through their interaction with the Moon. It’s sort of like if you have a friend, and you have another friend, they don’t know each other, but you’re the connection. That’s what we’re talking about with this translation of the square. So this idea of the challenging conflict between holding on to the past, again, this is an echo of this theme. Saturn holds on to what exists, it creates structures, it builds on things that are supposed to last, Uranus says if it doesn’t work, let’s tear it down. Uranus, is the planet of reaction. It’s a planet of rebellion, radical behavior. So the square from Saturn to Uranus, is the theme really, of 2021. We’re seeing this play out everywhere in the news, what’s happening in the royal family in England, you know, here’s this new couple. They want to do things differently. The royal family is saying not so fast. Who are you to go on Oprah and we are certainly seeing it in the US in our politics. So it’s the thing that’s going to continue by just for a few hours on Tuesday we’re going to see the Moon reinforce this connection between Saturn and Uranus because the Moon is in Aquarius, this is likely to occur mostly on the mental level, not so much event oriented, but there may be some kind of decision some sort of reaction to something that you see really isn’t working anymore.

On Wednesday, March 10. We have a beautiful connection, a conjunction from the Sun and Pisces to Neptune in Pisces. Neptune, of course is the ruler of Pisces, it’s very strong there and the Sun in Pisces brings our attention to the flow. You know, this idea of life being a flow, not a series of events, but just a flow that is ongoing. It just continues and we sort of fall into that flow and just allow things to happen. That’s the energy of Neptune. It’s the energy of Pisces, and now the Sun and Neptune combine. So for any kind of creative person Wednesday is going to be a beautiful day of creative inspiration. It’s a great day for artists and writers and really anybody because we’re all creative in one way or another and this is a day where this creativity can really shine at about 1pm On Wednesday, the Aquarius Moon conjoined Jupiter. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces. So we’re starting to see a lot of these Pisces themes coming up. We have the Sun conjunct Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces. We have the Aquarius Moon conjunct Jupiter the traditional ruler of Pisces under the traditional rulership of Pisces Jupiter asks the question what gives our life meaning. And under Neptune’s modern rulership, there’s this idea of transcending the mundane world and having an experience of greater bliss. And that’s kind of the theme for Wednesday, March 10. And this is really the last Aquarian experience for some time, we’re starting to move into the period for the Pisces New Moon now, after this burst of awakening and new ideas that evening, we’ll start moving more into the Pisces flow as we start to get ready for that New Moon.

There’s a relatively minor set of aspects I want to talk just a little bit about this week, the Sun is going to score the asteroid Juno on Thursday, and then on Monday, March 15, Venus is going to square Juno, I’m not so certain that we are really that aware of these transits to asteroids, they don’t seem to really cause events that call our attention to something but it’s possible that a theme could come up in your life. So I just wanted to mention this a little bit. Juno, you know, was famously the wife of the gods Zeus, he was a very bad husband. And you know, I’ve always felt is not really the happiest of the goddesses. She plays the role of the dutiful wife, you know, where Venus Aphrodite gets to have all the fun, but Juno really has a lot to do with our responsibilities that our relationships are commitments. So with the Sun squaring Juno on Thursday, March 11, and then Venus squaring Juno on March 15. There’s a possibility that our obligations that are committed transcend the formalities of our relationship may stand in the way of some personal development. You know, the Sun has to do with the self. And Venus has to do with love. And there’s a bit of spontaneity with Venus that we don’t see with Juno. So just watch for that during this week. And I’d be very interested to hear if you experience anything that comes from that.

Also on Thursday, March 11, the Moon enters Pisces at 9:43am eastern time, that really starts to build up for the energies of the New Moon. Technically, the energies for the New Moon really tend to build three days or so before and last about three days afterwards. But I feel that when the Moon enters a sign of the New Moon, that’s when things really start to take shape. So with the Moon in Pisces, and of course we have all these other planets in Pisces as well, this Pisces theme is nothing new this week. But as the Moon enters Pisces, we start to really be drawn into the state of flow. The thing about Pisces is if we try to resist it, you know, just imagine being in the ocean, the waves are knocking you down, you can’t really resist it. If you try to resist the waves, you know, it just knocks you over. So with all this Pisces energy were being pulled into the sense of flow, the best way to handle that I feel is just to kind of go with it. To go with the flow, don’t push the river. We’re flowing in the river. It’s the Pisces New Moon, there is three planets in Pisces plus the Moon, Mercury is going to move into Pisces, then there will be four planets in Pisces. So really, this is a time to go with the flow. It’s a wonderful time to start any kind of new creative project. You know, now that many of us are working from home, we have a little bit more time for some of the things that maybe we couldn’t do because we were commuting two hours a day. Now we have that extra time. There’s all kinds of online classes a client of mine was just telling me today, she started taking watercolor classes. She couldn’t have done that before. She has two small babies. But there are all these opportunities available to us now. And in this strongly Pisces time, doing activities that bring out our creativity help us to live more deeply and more successfully in that state of flow.

On Friday, March 12. The conjunction from Venus to Neptune is starting to build. It actually doesn’t culminate until the evening of the 13th. And this Venus Neptune conjunction is actually embedded in the chart of the Pisces New Moon. But we’ll definitely start to experience it on the 12th especially because the Moon is in Pisces on that day. And later in the day in the evening and into the night. It’s going to translate again the conjunction from Venus to Neptune by first transiting Venus, and then transiting Neptune at about 1am on the 13th the day of the New Moon.

On Saturday, March 13. The Pisces New Moon occurs at 5:21am Eastern time. Anytime we have a New Moon, there’s an opportunity for a new beginning. It’s the beginning of a new lunar cycle. The Moon has gone through all of the different phases in relationship to the Sun, and we’re starting a whole new cycle and a whole new sign very occasionally we have two New Moons in one sign doesn’t happen very often. And that’s kind of a special time. Some people call that a black Moon, does that really make sense to me. But in any case, typically, we have a New Moon and a different sign every month. So that gives us an opportunity to experience all 12 modalities of human experience through the Zodiac. The Pisces New Moon is the last sign of the zodiac, but every ending coincides with a new beginning. So this isn’t really the end of a cycle, but it’s the beginning of something new. And in fact, when the Moon is new, it’s actually dark in the sky. The Moon is still invisible. It doesn’t start to appear until that first Crescent begins and the lunar light starts to come back. So on Saturday, March 13 we have the Pisces New Moon in the morning, but then the Moon moves into Aries at 6:43pm. That’s going to wake us up ahead of her asleep. We’ve had this very dreamy Piscean experience and then here comes the Aries Moon full of fire ready for action. This is a time when the cobwebs will be swept away and there will be more activity and a little bit more of fire. We do have that Venus Neptune conjunction at around 10pm that night, that’s going to seep into the next day and remember that’s eastern time, but still the Aries Moon is is going to pack a little bit more of a punch than we will have had for the rest of the week. On Sunday, March 14, the Aries Moon will sextile which is a harmonious aspect, Mars. So this will add a little bit more fire and a little bit more enthusiasm and activity. The Moon is our emotions, it’s what drives us. And then Mars is like the fuel for the fire. So that’s going to be really useful that Aries Moon will conjoin Chiron, about 10:18am that day, so for a few hours, we may find ourselves feeling super sensitive. Remember, with the Moon in Aries, nobody’s really very sensitive, people are just saying whatever comes to their mind. And Chiron is very sensitive can open up those wounds. So just watch for that a little bit on Sunday. But that’s only going to last for a few hours and then in the early afternoon that day, the Moon harmonizes with Saturn and Aquarius and helps us to give some shape to all that activity.

And that takes us to Monday, March 15. And of course we’ll have a new video then. But that is the day that Mercury enters Pisces and after that point we will have four planets in Pisces. So we do you know Saturday Sunday when the Moons and Aries there’s some energy. Then we have Mercury going into Pisces which again, Mercury, the Planet of the mind in the sign of flow, very creative, harmonious seeks peacefulness, but not really very active and not really very focused. When Mercury is in Pisces, it’s not a very focused time. So anything that you do that requires a lot of mental focus, it’s going to require a lot more attention to detail, and a lot more concentration than maybe what you’re used to, until this Pisces season starts to move into Aries season and a couple of weeks and then this will all start to change. Thank you so much for being with me. And I hope you have a wonderful week and I’ll see you next time.

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