…you have the end of the fantasy over Western democracy in Iraq. Leaked policy options of a 10-member commission formed to assess US progress in Iraq have ruled out the prospect of US victory in Iraq. The commission is headed by James Baker, former secretary of state under Bush I.

Both option papers would compel America to open dialogue with Syria and Iran, two rogue states that Iraqi leaders and American military commanders say are providing arms and funds to Iraq’s insurgents. “Stabilizing Iraq will be impossible without greater cooperation from Iran and Syria,” the “Stability First” paper says.

The option also calls on America to solicit aid and support from the European Union and the United Nations, though both bodies in the past have spurned requests for significant aid for Iraq.

The panel has agreed not to release their findings until after the November elections, which is a real cloud on the democratic process in which voters need to know the truth in order to make an informed choice. Fortunately enough of the policy concepts have been leaked to create a question as to the wisdom of “staying the course” without a new plan.

Republicans John Warner and Chuck Hagel are echoing the same theme. Warner in particular is speaking out strongly about the grim outlook in Iraq having just returned from Baghdad.

All of this of course coincides against the final square of Jupiter (unrealistic optimistism) to Saturn (cold hard reality) that we are heading into right now. Watch for more news like this, particularly as we get closer to the US election. The square of Pluto to the nodes offers a hint that change is coming.

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