A few days ago I posted on Owen Wilson’s hospitalization which has now been confirmed as a suicide attempt. A USA Today article writes:
Over the years, Owen Wilson projected the public image of a happy-go-lucky, Hollywood playboy.

His crooked-nosed good looks and jovial attitude suggested a young man who was laid-back, slightly damaged from hard-but-satisfying living, and otherwise in total control of his excellent fortune and success.

There has been no public intoxication, no arrests, no whispers of excessive moodiness or violent outbursts. He gave no gloomy interviews or discussed any emotional imbalance in his life.
We don’t know Wilson’s time of birth so we don’t know his ascendant, or rising sign. Since the rising sign shows our outward persona, it is the most visible and the easiest to guess. My guess for Owen Wilson is a Sagittarius ascendant.

Wilson’s chart shows a number of planets in intense Scorpio which is much deeper and darker than the Sag ascendant, which may have locked him and his emotions in a prison of which the Sagittarian or similar ascendant was the jailer. A dear friend of mine was a double Sag with a strong Pluto/Scorpio component to his chart which very few people ever saw. He locked that side of himself away and died Friday of cancer at the age of 46. Perhaps there was no connection, but I will always wonder.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to make friends with every aspect of your chart. This is what is required in order to become a fully integrated human!

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