Pam Anderson and Kid Rock announced today that they are splitting up. You can read my take on this earthshaking event at the National Ledger site, but there are a few interesting things in her chart that are worth looking at in more depth.

Pamela Anderson seems to have a lot of trouble making decisions. During her marriage to rocker Tommy Lee she twice filed for divorce and twice returned to the marriage before their final separation. She had breast implants put in, removed them, and then had a new pair implanted. She was engaged to Kid Rock in 2002, broke up with him the following year and then this summer married him less than two weeks after announcing her decision on her blog. Rumors that the marriage was motivated by pregnancy were confirmed when Pam miscarried earlier this month.

She has Mars in Libra, which can be difficult for decision making as the drive to take action (Mars) becomes stumped by the need to be all things to all people (Libra). But this Mars is part of a T-square that includes her Mercury in Cancer square to her Moon which is opposite Mars. It appears to me that she is likely in a constant state of agitation from which she seeks relief. Her Moon is in Aries which impels her towards continuous action and keeps her from the kind of thorough self-examination that would facilitate personal evolution. In addition, she has Saturn square her Cancer Sun, weakening her sense of self-esteem, and Venus in square to Neptune which can cause delusion (Neptune) in one’s relationships (Venus).

Transiting Saturn is currently passing over this Venus and setting off that square, forcing her to acknowledge where she has become deluded. She suffered a recent miscarriage and lost her beloved dog, and this is a difficult time for her. Hopefully she will take advantage of the solitude that Saturn often enforces to become acquainted with her inner self and gain the depth of character that will keep her from becoming lost to the whims of her impulses.

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