Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is no mere radical fundamentalist – he is extremely well-educated with a master’s degree in engineering and a Ph.D. in traffic transportation planning. In 1975 he ranked 130th in the nationwide university entrance exams. Prior to being elected president, he was Mayor of Tehran where he reversed many of the reforms instituted by the previous more moderate administration. He was elected President as the protege of Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader (constitutionally elected religious leader) of Iran.

Ahmadinejad is a populist president, with a goal of using Iran’s oil money to help the poor in his country. During his campaign he spoke out openly against both the United States and the United Nations, and since his election has created a furor with his openly aggressive stance towards Israel which includes denying the holocaust. In addition, he has forged new and stronger relations with Russia and is increasingly aggressive about what he terms the right of Iran to possess nuclear weapons.

Astrologically, Ahmadinejad‘s birthchart has Sun in Scorpio, the sign of passionate emotional intensity and secrecy, and it is conjunct Neptune, making him an extremely emotional individual. He has a strong spirituality (Sun/Neptune) that is concerned with issues of power and domination (Scorpio). With Pluto (Scorpio’s ruler) in conflict with Saturn in his chart, he is obsessed (Pluto) with success and achievement (Saturn) and has a very strong will. This aspect in a birthchart can indicate either a strong motivation for success or a built-in fear of failure.

Chiron in his chart is square the Sun, revealing possible health problems as the result of an inability to truly establish one’s own sense of self. I suspect that Ahmahdinejad tends to burn himself into a frenzy and has no real sense of who he is. Transiting Saturn (limitation, depression) is currently setting off that square and we may see him experience health problems as the result of exhaustion over the next few months.

Saturn (rigidity) in Ahmahdinejad’s chart is in Sagittarius (theology), which often indicates someone with an exceptionally strict moral code. His Mars (aggression) falls in Pisces, which can often play the victim. Chances are he subjugated (Pisces) his own desires (Mars) and has a bit of a martyr complex, and Mars in his chart is widely opposite Jupiter, indicating a person who is arrogant and aggressively (Mars) promulgates their own philosophy and religion (Jupiter).

Pluto (power and death/rebirth) has been in square (90 degrees) with the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in his chart. When Pluto squares (conflicts with) Jupiter, there is a misuse of power (Pluto) for a religious goal (Jupiter), or destruction (Pluto) that takes place as a result of those religious ideals (Jupiter). This cycle came to a head from November 2005-February 2006 and will remain in effect throughout the end of the year. Pluto’s goal is no less than destruction and rebirth – it’s symbol is the Phoenix that rises out of the ashes.

Comparing Ahmahdinejad’s chart with that of GW Bush is an interesting exercise. Mars in each of their chart opposes Mars in that of the other, meaning the god of war within them that causes them to feel aggression and rebellion sets of the god of war in the other. An example of how this work is when two bullies meet in the schoolyard – one pushes the other, and the other responds in kind. The conflict escalates until one is on the ground. GWB’s Saturn is in square to Ahmahdinejad’s Mercury, showing that GWB doesn’t listen (Mercury) to Ahmahdinejad and Ahmahdinejad feels that GWB is overcritical (Saturn) of him. More difficult, Uranus in GWB’s chart is in square to Ahmahdinejad’s Mars/Jupiter opposition, resulting in a constant irritation between them.

Nancy Waterman is a “mundane” astrologer, dealing with the charts of countries and events. She has an interesting take on the future of Iran here.

It’s quite likely that Ahmahdinejad’s power will grow over the next year with multiple transits of Jupiter (good fortune and opportunity). It will be interesting to learn more about him as the details of his life make themselves known.

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