Timothy GeithnerTimothy Geithner is the man that Barack Obama has entrusted with the challenging task of rescuing our economy from a global recession that astrologers have been expecting for many years.  I have some doubts as to how much rescuing can actually be done until the diseased underlying system is rebuilt, but I am very curious to know more about Mr. Geithner.

Very little is known about Mr. Geithner, but there is no doubt that he has been a part of the financial establishment that is now in so much distress.  He began his career with Kissinger and Associates, and then worked in the International Affairs division of the US Treasury.  He was a Senior Fellow for the Council of Foreign Relations, and most recently was president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Geithner’s astrological chart (born 8/18/1961, no known birthtime) shows an interesting combination of the bold and the cautious.  Like Obama, he has the Sun in cheerful and energetic Leo, and it conjuncts Uranus almost exactly revealing an iconoclastic streak and an inventive approach to life.  Mercury is present too, making this a triple Leo conjunction with Uranus at its center. The Sun/Mercury conjunction typically denotes an extremely bright individual, and Uranus tends to add a component of brilliance that is often found in the charts of inventors and great thinkers such as Marcel Proust who has been called the greatest novelist of the 20th century.

It’s interesting that he grew up abroad in Zimbabwe, India and Japan which likely informed his world view, which judging from his chart would embrace a wide variety of beliefs and ideas.

Saturn in Geithner’s chart is retrograde AND in Capricorn, the sign ruled by Saturn, all of which show that Saturn is very pronounced in this chart.  Individuals with Saturn in Capricorn often feel the need to work harder than anyone else, and there is often a sense that no matter how much they achieve it is never enough.  When Saturn is retrograde, the critical voice of Saturn can be turned inward, making this a rather relentless drive towards ever greater perfection.  Jupiter, also retrograde, conjoins Saturn here which shows that Geithner’s sense of optimism and abundance (Jupiter) is tied in to his ability to achieve (Saturn).  Jupiter retrograde people  are late bloomers, and they often don’t realize their good fortune until later in life.

The combination of Jupiter and Saturn may serve to tamp down any extreme desire for a reckless alteration of the status quo that the Sun/Uranus/Mercury conjunction may wish for.  Saturn also opposes Venus in Geithner’s chart, revealing a somewhat insecure nature and an individual who may lack social skills.  His Mars is in Libra, where it is being pounded right now by a square of Pluto which began last year.  Still, Mars in Libra is an excellent placement for a diplomat and someone who can measure all sides of a situation before making a decision, and his progressed Sun is also in Libra which amplifies this ability.

Geithner has a deeply intense emotional nature with the Moon in Scorpio, but it trines Venus in Cancer which suggests a successful home life despite the insecurities of the opposition of Saturn.  That Scorpio Moon gives him emotional tenacity, but also the potential to hold grudges and become overly involved emotionally with the outcome of a particular decision.

We don’t know Geithner’s birth time so we can’t tell his ascendant or rising sign, but from what we can see he does not appear to be doing through any challenging transits right now other than the square of Pluto to his Mars.  Warning: geeky astrological language ahead.  But Mars in the progressed chart is in harmony with Mars in the natal chart, signifying an ability to get things done now, and Pluto is in harmonious aspect (sextile) with the progressed Mars.   The combination of a challenging transit of Pluto to Mars with a harmonious one signifies a period of great accomplishment.

After looking at the chart, I feel better about having this man in charge of the American economic system.  However, I don’t have much hope that it can be rescued without a complete overhaul.

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