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Miley Cyrus is an interesting character to me – born during the Uranus/Neptune conjunction of the early 1990s she is extremely talented and has been a star since the age of ten.  By the age of 18 she was #13 on the Forbes celebrity list.  But her very public scandals and relationship dramas make for an interesting astrological profile as you’ll see.  She came out as “pansexual” at the age of 14 (Saturn opposition) and has been identified as straight AND gay as well as gender fluid.

After a series of relationships, Miley began dating Liam Hemsworth in 2009.  Their on again/off again relationship led to a brief engagement, a breakup, marriage, followed by divorce this year.  To be honest, this is the kind of story that made me want to start this blog – my curiosity about why people are the way they are.

The early 1990s were a time of spiritual explosion and political confusion under the influence of a conjunction of Uranus (radical change) and Neptune (spirituality and illusion).  The Celestine Prophecy was published and New Age spirituality and delusion seeped into every aspect of the culture. Cults like the Branch Davidians, subject of a standoff with the FBI, emerged.  The Heavens Gate cult committed mass suicide on their way to join a UFO.  The first baby boomer president (Bill Clinton) and the first black president of South Africa (Nelson Mandela) were elected. JK Rowling started the Harry Potter books in 1992, and Ramtha, an entity channeled by JZ Knight, appeared on the scene and was championed by Shirley McLaine along with other celebrities, began a craze of channeled entities which included Seth, Abraham, Kryon and quite a few personages from the Pleiades.

In any event, Miley Cyrus is one of these incredibly creative beings that were born during this time when conventional restrictions were shattered and doorways between worlds were opened.  Those born during this time are different from others – they tend to process information differently and often find that they don’t fit into traditional ways of looking at the world.  So relationships are different too, and many of this generation are creating new molds of gender identity and sexual preference.

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Still, Miley’s astrological chart makes relationships even more difficult.  First, her Sun is in the sign of Sagittarius which craves freedom and adventure.  Yet her Moon is in intense Scorpio, and it conjoins Pluto which is Scorpio’s modern ruler so this is an astrological double whammy which screams to us that she has a passionate nature with fiery emotional depths.  Her Capricorn Venus is practical in a choice of a mate, but conjoins both Uranus and Neptune so she is at once highly romantic and perhaps over idealistic (Neptune/Venus) as well as needing a lot of autonomy and fresh new energy in her relationships (Uranus/Venus).

That Moon/Pluto conjunction is challenging, and is made even more intense by a difficult square from Chiron (wounding and healing).  You can’t judge a person’s insides from their outsides, and Miley is likely carrying some emotional baggage.

All of this planetary energy provides tremendous creative fuel, and with disciplined Saturn ruling her Midheaven (career point) which is also trine to Jupiter (good fortune), there is nowhere for her to go but up.

Many of us have difficult astrological charts when it comes to relationships, and sometimes it takes a while to find the inner balance required to integrate this sort of psychological dissonance.  That is especially true of a young and sensitive woman growing up in the public eye.  But this is a strong chart, full of independence and courage, and I am confident that Ms. Cyrus will continue to grow and evolve and produce creative and innovative works.

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