Steven Tyler has beensteven tyler.jpg having a difficult time lately.  In 2006 he was plagued by health problems including throat surgery and the revelation of Hepatitis C, and in 2008 he revealed that he was back in rehab for his addiction problems.  This past summer he fell off the stage in South Dakota as his band Aerosmith toured the country, forcing the cancellation of several tour dates and leading to speculation that Tyler still has a drug problem.  Since the fall in August of 2009 Tyler has been quoted as saying he will be leaving the band to pursue “Brand Tyler,” but he has also been quoted as saying he will not be leaving the band.  

Tyler astrological chart shows that he has the Sun in Aries, the sign of leadership with a very strong will.  Aries people are driven by a need to assert themselves and their own individuality, and Tyler is no exception.  However, that Sun is opposed by Neptune, planet of mystery and transcendence.  Neptune urges us to seek an experience that transcends material reality, and this can mean a life of spiritual pursuit, or a life that is addicted to escapism.  Tyler also has Mercury, the planet of communication and the mind, in the sign of Pisces which is ruled by Neptune, so this broadens the influence of the Neptunian escapism.  The same influence that encourages us to transcend reality also brings tremendous creativity, and there is no dispute that Tyler has been one of the most creative (and flamboyant) forces in the rock world for many years.
Tyler has a stressful combination of Mars (drive and desire), Saturn (restriction and limitation) and Pluto (death and transformation) in his chart.  Mars in his chart is in Leo, showing that he has a strong urge to express himself and develop his ego (Leo),  This is a powerful combination of planets that can show a tremendous force of personality and an ability to manifest ones desires, but it can also lead to frustration and rage as the will (signified by Mars) is blocked by Saturn and overcome by Pluto.
Tyler’s rebellion is illustrated in the chart by a stressful opposition between Jupiter (confidence and beliefs) with Uranus (revolutionary behavior).  Under this aspect, he has a brilliant mind and a revolutionary view on life that keeps him on the cutting edge of popular culture.  But it also shows the potential for erratic behavior and the tendency to be restlessless and irritable.  This planetary combination was affected back in 2006 under a transit of  Pluto (death and rebirth) to these points that continued into the summer of 2008 when his mother died.  Transits of Pluto often force issues to the surface that may have been simmering for years, and often the death of someone significant to us, which sometimes occurs under Pluto transits, can help to facilitate that eruption process.
Tyler’s Pluto period was followed immediately by the closing square of Uranus to Uranus in his chart..  The square of Uranus, planet of revolution and innovation, in the sky to Uranus in the chart at age 60-62 generally inspires a revolution in the way we look at our lives, a second “midlife crisis,” and a restless rebellious need to change anything in our life that’s not working.  This rebellious phase coincided with a painful transit of Chiron (wounding and healing) to Mars, Saturn and Pluto in his chart, bringing up old fears and old emotions that perhaps Tyler was not prepared to deal with, landing him back in rehab.
This is a powerful cocktail of planetary cycles that are designed to promote healing and growth.  But in a person who is not introspective by nature they can simply create problems in life.  Tyler’s impulse to take a couple of years off from the band would probably be an excellent idea if he is to preserve his physical and mental health.

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