I found a link to Willow’s Web Astrology from Matthew’s site, and found it quite interesting.  A square from Mars to Pluto is part of the eclipse formation tomorrow, and here is what Willow writes about that aspect (I’ve added paragraphs for easier reading):

Less than 12 hours after the Full Moon eclipse, we have a Mars in Virgo – Pluto in Sagittarius square. A tense aspect between two powerful energies – the force of personal desire (Mars) and the force of evolutionary desire (Pluto). Pluto in Sagittarius will dig up excess and crystallization of religious or cultural ideology, rhetoric, beliefs, etc., and Virgo will analyze and trim away anything that is detrimental to the function and health of the system.

We’ll see the sometimes dark truth of how people really feel, what they really believe, coming to the surface…possibly kicking and screaming. The dark edge of religious fundamentalism, cultural/educational bigotry, personal dogma – however slight the bias may be. Misuse of universal law, twisted to further certain ideologies and groups. This will set the stage for us to determine what we will and what we will not participate in or further with our personal energies. A paring down there so as to extricate ourselves from anything we can simply no longer tolerate in our lives. Cutting ourselves out of the detritus of crystallized religious, cultural, political views. Understanding people’s true, core-level allegiances and how they may be used to oppress and control others, especially when hidden – as well as our own. Choosing how we operate in our daily lives in relation to that, accordingly.

We can’t move fully into the future until we really get it all on the table – nothing hidden under the rug. This aspect should force the issue a bit if we have neglected our duties here at all. Remember that Pluto is in its final retrograde through the last degrees of Sagittarius…it won’t touch these degrees again for over 200 years, so we have to get to all of it. Virgo will make sure of that, as it knows the importance of dealing with the details.

I like the way Willow has explained this, and it’s wise advice for maneuvering through the next week or so.

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