I love this from Dharmaruci:

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” OK, we all know the quote that isn’t by Goethe*. But the astrology for it right now is quite extraordinary: a Uranus-Jupiter conjunction at the beginning of Aries. You won’t see the like of it again in your lifetime. Aries is the sign of fiery new beginnings, particularly the start of the sign. Aries is the ‘begin it’ and ‘boldness’. Uranus is the ‘genius’. And Jupiter is the ‘power and magic.’

In about 3 weeks Uranus starts to go retrograde, a period of putting together the nuts and bolts of the new venture, the new idea. He will reverse back into late Pisces and then re-enter Aries next March, when the new idea will be firmly established, and new developments coming out of the original idea can arise. But Uranus will be 9 degrees from Jupiter by that time, and the firework display will be drawing to its end.

So the next few weeks are crucial for these bold new beginnings.

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In Aries there is a bold move to action, and then when Jupiter and Uranus move back into Pisces there is a bit of retreat back into potentiality and making the internal adjustments that are needed for these bold new beginnings DR talks about to unfold.  In my view that is an invaluable time to ensure that we are prepared for the changes that are coming up when Uranus/Pluto follows Jupiter/Uranus.

*explanation added, because evidently I am not as well-educated as Dharmaruci’s readers!

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